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How to setup a 4 channel amp?

Hello all,

I am purchasing a new car want to fit a decent sound system. This is my equipment:

4 channel amplifier:


Sub woofer / base box:

Stereo unit / head:
Sony Xplod CDX-GT25

Alright, so this is my plan. I want to use the cars normal built in speakers, in addition to the additional 6x9's for audio and I want the subwoofer to blast out the base only.

So, I'll install the Sony stereo into the car using the standard ISO connections. Then I'll use the RCA (red/white) output in the back of the Sony stereo to connect it to the amplifier's inputs.

Then, I'll use the Channel 1/2 output on the amplifier to connect the two 6x9 speakers. And Channel 3/4 to connect the subwoofer / base box. (For the subwoofer, I'll use the + of channel 3 and the - of channel 4 to ensure left/right both feed into the subwoofer). And obviously the Remote, Ground and Battery/Live will be connected to the amplifier to give to give it power when the car starts.

Now my question is;

How do I set the amplifier, so that the sound is amplified and outputted to the two 6x9's (channel 1/2) and the base (channel 3/4) is sent to the subwoofer?

As you can see form the links above, there are two separate inputs in the amplifier, one for channel 1/2 and one for channel 3/4. However as there is only one output form the head unit, this will be split into both inputs into the amplifier. So, I'm assuming there must be a setting in the amplifier to divide sound and base as per channels in the amplifier.

If you look at the side-images of the amplifier on eBay, there are settings such as GAIN and LPF, I'm assuming these do the job, however I'm not familiar with this, so any help would be appreciated.

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After a bit of research, I'm assuming this is the answer to my question:

On channel 1/2 where I'm going to install the 6x9's, I need to set the switch to GAIN and set the GAIN level depending on how loud I want the sound to be outputted through the 6x9's.

And on channel 3/4 where I'm going to install the subwoofer, I need to set the switch to LPF and set it between 80 to 120, and this will cut out the (lower frequency) sound on that channel and play (lower level) base only through the subwoofer.

Is that right?
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