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I just heard Audison Voce AVK6 and loved them. They also had Hertz Hi Energy in the store, but I was surprised by how harsh the treble sounded to me. I think I must have messed up ears because scratchy treble usually hurts my ears. High notes often sound a bit like painful static to me. Voce treble was so nice, though. What a relief. The guy in the store said the Voce tweeters play farther into the lower sounds than most tweeters, which could be why I liked them better, because there was a smoother transition, or something like that.

I have read a few posts saying Voce mid bass is not so great, so Hi Energy is better for rock, hip hop, techno, etc. I don't know. Do the bongos in Santana songs count as mid bass? Those drums were clear and strong and warm through Voces. There was no sub, and the mid bass from the Voces, which I could hear just fine, was nice.

And I heard JL C5's in another store. Granted it was another store, but compared to both the Voce and HE, I had to strain to hear the particular instruments. The imaging was not amazing. The treble, though, sounded less harsh than the HE to me, but not nearly as smooth as the Voces.

I also got to hear Focal K2s that were twice the price of the Voce. As expected, they were so rich and warm, and no problem for me with the treble, but they were in a ported display case, which the salesman said was improving the sound. I did not think they should have to cheat for Focal K2s to sound good.

Anyway, I wonder if people focus on mid bass more than on treble. I wonder if there was more focus on treble, then maybe more people would dig the Voces. To me, they seem very reasonably priced for the quality of the sound. Now I try to save up...
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