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Well its been a while since I have even thought about car stereo but since I am looking at putting a quality system together figured I might see what has changed since I last touched it.

The last system I put together I had 2 Orion XTR 12 DVC's pushed by an Orion 225 HCCA and an Audio Control EQX II. The 225 HCCA required the bridging module but fortunately the EQX II could handle that. I had an Eclipse full pull out CD player (before detachable face plates came along). I was in the process of upgrading my mids/highs from the Infinity coaxial's to a set of MB Quarts. I lost interest when my friends car got broken into that had my mids/highs amp, at that time I couldn't afford to replace it. Then a few months later someone decided they liked to buy my bumper and missed, needless to say they got the entire car, it was totaled (not my fault though). I was able to pull out everything but the head unit. I still have the amp and crossover and might use it again but compared to today's amps mine is power hungry (some say it might have a bit better sound quality but can't prove that one).

Now that everyone knows I was born before the invention of the wheel, figured I will look around for some tips and pointers I never learned the first time. At this moment I am trying to research about signal processors. I am looking for a unit that has at least 4 different outputs (most I have seen at this moment, but more would be great), can handle time delay, equalization, and has built in crossover points. I will keep looking but if there is a specific thread(s) on the topic, if you could point me in the right direction quicker it would be appreciated.

Edit... I probably should have said 8 outputs, to me one output is a left and a right channel but I guess since you can have a "solo" sub output they count everything individually now.

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