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Hi all,

I've just joined as I could do with a bit of advice! These Subs have been my first install on my own, so please go easy with me

I have a mk6 Fiesta ST, with the standard Sony head unit and 2 in phase USW10's. The HU has no pre outs, so Im using a Line Output Connector to convert the rear speakers to RCA. I've then connected 2 splitters and then RCA's to each sub.

The RCA's go down the right side of the car, whilst powers on the left.

So heres my problem, I have a lot of engine noise. So I'm currently using a noise filter before the splitters that does reduce it, but also kills a lot of bass to the Subs, the gain, frequency and volume is at full!

Also with this, when I for example turn on the headlights the subs make a noise with the switch. Im guessing this is something to with a bad ground? The subs are currently grounded to proper grounds on the chassis of the car. Im thinking to try and re ground them to a cleaner ground, although I'm limited to what I can use as the leads for the grounds are a certain length and can't be replaced. Im thinking of running a ground from the negative terminal to the same the ground the subs are connected to?

I have tried running an RCA over the top of my seats to see if that solved my problems, but I had no luck. So currently I assume I have a problem with my grounds or line out put converter?

So can any one offer any advice? Its a ball ache to change anything, because it means taking both seats out, so next time I do it I want to make sure I have a good plan for what needs doing.

Thanks in advance

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