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Subs lacking power

Issue I'm having is i removed my dual 10" alpine subs from my trunk in my g35 today. disconnected the positive and negative terminal from both sides of the box, took box out, got what i needed out of the spare tire compartment, and put subs back in. I connected the wires back on to their correct terminals but when I started the car and played music the subs are lacking the power they had before removal. It has two amps and a cylinder shaped thing (don't know much about car audio it came with the vehicle). The cylinder shaped thing is reading it has power, both amps have power and no protection lights on. the subs have power but very little. could I have somehow knocked a ground connection loose and would that cause a problem like this?

All help appreciated. Thanks
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The cylinder you're talking about is a capacitor. I would start by checking for loose connections, whether is be the ground wire or the speaker wires. make sure the ends of your speaker wires havent gotten too thin, and they are clean, and not burnt. Maybe when setting the box down, some wiring came loose on the inside.
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