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Pioneer DEH- X1910UB

Hi, I have a DEH- X1910UB, and I’m trying to get it working. It’s wired into a 1978 Ford F-150. When I first put it in I had troubles getting the speakers working, and I’m not really sure what I did wiring wise to fix it because all I did was system reset once and it just started working, but then it had a strange problem of the radio would lose all power for a few minutes then come back on while driving. It stopped doing that but then stopped playing music from the speakers. It had this weird fuse box that the memory and ground wire came out of on the old radio, and I bypassed the memory wire to something else when I first put the radio in a few weeks ago because it wasn’t working. Today I cut it out completely by bypassing the ground elsewhere as well. When I first did it the speakers worked for about 5 seconds, then stopped, so I turned off the truck and turned it on again and it worked for about 3 seconds then quit. No matter where I try to ground it to now, the speakers just click when the radio turns on and nothing plays. I’m out of ideas here, my only 2 are either it needs that fuse box for some reason or the radio has something wrong with it. Opinions?
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