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Did my subs strain my car alternator?

I have dual Sundown SA8's powered by a Hifonics Brutus 1316 (I think that's the model) running off 2ohms pushing 900 RMS. 4 gauge fosgate wires a $270 odyssey battery under hood, and stock 85A alternator. Standard basic Pioneer DEH head unit (forget which exact one, but was 100$ new on Amazon, has bluetooth)
Out of nowhere last night driving home in the freezing cold 2am and was 12 degrees, halfway from home, my subs start clipping, then my HU restarts itself, my windshield wipers were moving slow, windows went back up very slowly, lights on dash were dim, etc etc.
Next day, I go to start up my car (2003 Mitsubishi Galant) it doesn't start. The sound of like a dead battery. I get a jump start, and go to Autozone to get battery tested for free and said it was healthy at 12 volts. He said he could not test my alternator because my battery was only at 50%..? Whatever that means...
Tomorrow I'm going to Pepboys to do a full system test for 17 bucks and see what is up. I have a strong feeling it is my alternator (this battery was bought 3 months ago) but my question here is...why did my alternator go bad? Did my subs destroy my alternator? The car has 98k miles and alternator has never been replaced. I had the system for about 11 months, but got the hifonics amp to push the 900 rms about 3 months ago as well as the battery.
Could it just of been the time to finally replace the alt (since usually they gotta be eventually replaced) and my subs lowered the life of the alt even faster...?
And, is it okay if I just get the same stock alternator that is 85 amps for my 900 rms ?? 5% of songs gave me dipping on headlights like flickered when bass hit, but 95% of the time it didn't and they were just flexin extra loud with no problem.
I don't see how I'd need a high output alternator if it's only 900 watts I'm pushing, but you guys are the experts, not me. I don't want to buy the stock alt if it is going to go on me in 6 months. And this is if my alt is even bad (like i said, getting it tested tomorrow, but all my friends say it has to be the alt from what i explained happened to me)
To this second if i go and try and start my car up, won't start.
Thank you,
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