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I cannot believe this. I wanted to update my maps on the unit for the first time. I removed the SD Card. I then downloaded and installed NaviExtras Toolbox, and once that was done I inserted the SD card. Instantly Windows 10 told me to format the card, and stupidly I did. I thought the message was NaviExtras Toolbox telling me to do that. The formatted card is now useless, and I don't have a back-up as the unit was installed by a dealer. The upshot of all this is now I have to get the unit removed and replaced with the original Toyota hardware so I can still drive the car. The unit then has to be returned to the Alpine head office so that a new card with the license and maps can be generated. Once that is done the unit will be returned to me for re-installation. Alpine is refusing any other method of looking after the issue, and NaviExtras don't want to know. Potentially I will be charged around $800 for stupidly becoming a customer of Alpine and NaviExtras. Does anybody know of a work-around?
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