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Need to service my old Amp


Im having an old amp, i have no idea how old it is, but i know its
real nice. It pumps tons of power.

Its an Lanzar optidrive 2200.
Running it mono for two subwoffers.

here is some pictures from google (these are not mine):


1 x 450 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms
1 x 800 Watts RMS @ 2 Ohms
1 x 1100 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohms
1 x 2200 Watts Max @ 1.3 Ohms
2200 Watts Peak
1 Ohm Stable Mono
High Current MOSFET Power Supply
PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulated) System
Glass Epoxy PCB
Nickel Plated RCA Inputs/Line outs
Input sensitivity : 200mV~8V
Variable Low Pass Filter : 50Hz~150Hz 12dB/Octave
Variable Subsonic Filter : 20Hz~50Hz 12dB/Octave
Variable Bass Boost Gain Control : 0~+18dB
Variable Bass Boost Frequency Control : 40~100Hz
Phase Control 0~180 degree
THD : 0.04%
S/N Ratio : 90dB
Frequency Response : 10Hz~40KHz
Remote Subwoofer Bass Control
Input Impedance : 10K Ohms
Heavy Duty Silver Anodized Heatsink
Custom Terminal Block for Speaker Connections
Thermal, Overload Short Protection
Soft Turn-on/Turn-off
Fuse rating : 40A x 3
Dimensions : 10.08''(W) x 2.12''(H) x 18.31''(L)
The specs are rated at 12V.

Now here is my issue:

The last 5 years the amp has struggles to deliver power instantly.

That means, if i play low volume, or a very deep low freq bass is playing, the amp will shut
and silence.

I can fix this with upping the volume a bit or jerking the volume (on the player)

It seem to be a signal issue but its def the amp, since ive used it in 3 cars now, with different players and cables the past 8 years.

It does high freq bass nice with no problem, and normally low freq too, but there are these
moments when it just stops, and then come back. (its NOT protective mode)

Its a bit on and off at low freq, and generally at low volumes, the song playing would have to change a few notes, and the bass comes back.

There is no pattern to this at all, its very random.

And its not like it never plays low freq or anything, but it seem to happen most often and low freq's.

Im looking to figure out if any parts inside can be replaced or fixed to have the amp
in great condition again.
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