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Identification & installation of vintage amp and radio - help please

Hi all,

I've recently bought an old British 2 seat sports car - quite small, so currently only two speakers fitted in the rear. Included in the deal was a Pioneer KP-8300 MW/LW/FM radio cassette player and an old Bandridge 'Graphic Equaliser Booster'(or I guess 'amp' in today's language), model number unknown. These were not wired into the car and I have no manuals for either piece of equipment. I would like to fit these into the car, but have the following questions

Bandridge Graphic Equaliser

1. Can anyone identify the model, or supply instructions/installation manual please? I cant find anything on the web about old Bandridge equipment from the 1970/80s era

2. Please can you confirm my guess at the colour coding of the wires is correct as follows
- Black - ground
- Blue - 12v supply (from same source as radio?)
- Green - left speakers ie to be connected to green wire from radio?
- Gray - right speakers ie to be connected to gray wire from radio?

3. Likely spec - no of speakers, impedance range, power output etc?

4. The remaining leads (outputs?) are already labelled as pairs, presumable to each speaker (L SP OUT F, yellow &yellow/green; R SP OUT F yellow & yellow/red; R SP OUT R gray & gray/red; L SP OUT R gray & gray/blue

5. How do I wire only two speakers when the amp has outputs for four?

Pioneer KP-8300

6. The wiring has been cut leaving a three inch tail. I am happy to solder new wires onto the connections on the back (as shown). Are there any inherent risks of cooking internal components using a 15 watt soldering iron?

7. Please can you confirm my guess at the color coding is correct as follows
- Black - ground
- Blue - power antennae
- Red - 12v source
- Green - left speaker
- Gray - right speaker

8. What is the white plastic connector with multiple terminals? My best guess is a wired remote control.

Thanks for any help with all of this - these may be very simple questions to some folk !


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