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Alpine 7171, 3211, and 3505

Hi Folks!

I'm new here and new to car audio electronics. I scored an Alpine 7171 cassette/radio, 3211 Crossover (I'm assuming that's what an "Electronic Active Dividing Network" is), and 3505 Amplifier. They were all pulled from a Porsche 924S that also had Alpine "Twin" speakers but only one remained, with rotted cone surrounds.

The head unit (7171) face-plate has a cracked corner that I plan to repair with glue and 3D-printed segments. She also needs some new backlight bulbs. But golly, the cassette player, clock, and every button/knob worked and I was able to hook them up to my Recaro seat and listen to some Bobby Brown the way my parents would have LOL.

I have looked up the model numbers on this forum but have not had any luck finding informative posts.

I am currently in search of service manuals/wiring diagrams for any of the devices.

In the meantime, I will be searching for information on connector/wiring standards that might tell me what wire does what on the amp and crossover (similar information that helped me set up a PC power supply into a test bench).
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