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Mustang system in a ranger...?

Hello all, I'm Karl. I just bought my first vehicle in seven years, very excited. I had very few dollars, so I found a 95 Ford Ranger, that needs work, but not really any money. Comes with no stereo, but I also have a friend who is scrapping his 96 Mustang, and it DOES have a stereo.

My question is, what is the simplest and least expensive way to swap the stereo from the Mustang to the Ranger? It has a cassette/radio, CD player, and what I THINK is an amplifier back in the dash on the floor behind it all. I'm also taking the speakers, if that matters. The stereo coming from the Mustang seems stock, or at least came wih the Mustang as part of some package from the factory.

Can I just rewire everything somehow? I'm good with wire.
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