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Update on progress part 2:

Update on progress part 2:

Amp power cable:

It wasn’t easy but I managed to get this thick power cable through the firewall on the drivers side. There was a rubber grommet but the wires that were already there were filling up all the space!
I did some reading before and found that people are using metal hanger and washing liquid to get it through first so I did that too. I used washing liquid on the wire as well and started pushing it through and did it!

Next I cut ~8inches of the wire and crimped the ends of it with bench vise. After that I was trying to solder the ends of the wire and quickly learned that it wont be possible with my soldering iron, so I just purchased ¾ heat shrinks.

Next I wanted to connect the wires with the fuse box but then I found that I probably should do that before crimping cable because the plastic fuse tube was already to narrow for the metal “ending”(not sure what is the technical term) to go through.
Also the metal part that holds the fuse and a wire is not properly align to attach the power cable, I think I have to grind this metal hook to make it work...unless I'm not doing it right...

4 channel amp – ICE 1600.4
So I finally received the amp unpacked it and started wondering how do I connect all of that lol…
So there are 4 speaker level outputs on one side and on the other side 4rca inputs, that confused me a bit.
I thought there would be one input for some signal cable from head unit and then I would only have to connect components directly to the amp… So I’m guessing I have to have front and rear speakers cable from HU to amp and then separate cables from speakers to amp? Also the power connection is not big enough for my cable what is the recommended solution?

Since I don't have a pre-amp output, how do I get the sound to my mono amp(ICE2600.1D Black) that I should receive soon?

Also purchased at Fry’s Electronics Toyota harness, not sure if I need or if this is the correct one… I can always return.

Waiting also for the package with Fast Rings to install together with my components a lot of people seems to like them:
I didn't make my speakers adapters yet although I have a template and 3/4 mdf planning to fix it soon with my jigsaw.

Still didn't purchase sub box, I was trying to do some readings about best tuning values but it seems like it is very subjective. I'm going to stick to what u were already recommending that also matches the sub specs: air space per per sub ~1.4 cubic feet and tuning freq ~40Hz...for now I will pick smth from ebay later on will get smth custom...

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