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Excellent subwoofer choice.

Enclosure, that particular one is a poor choice, one (among many) reason is the real tuning of OBCON Labyrinth ported boxes is usually in the mid 40 hz range.
If you must order one off of Ebay, I'd go with a Ground Shaker, the volume is close to the suggested but I wouldn't settle for less than 1.4 cu ft per sub.
I personally would have an enclosure built for the subwoofers at the local sound shop.
Those are some good quality, premium subwoofers, it'd be a shame to put them in a prefab man.

I wouldn't buy the Soundstorm 4 channel, it's of poor, junk quality.
A decent low budget substitute would be:
ICE1600.4 - Precision Power 4-Channel 1600W Max Full Range Amplifier.
It produces 130w at 4 ohms, stereo (unbridged)

Out of the Mono Block amp choices, the Rockford is the better choice although the prime line is considered their low budget amp.
The NVX JAD1200.1 is a little cheaper and is a good amp.

In regards to a LOC, you actually need 3 pairs of RCA patch cables.
Just keeping that in mind, you may want to consider something along the lines of an audio control epicenter.
Although it is possible to go with multiple Locs, one two channel loc for the front signal (for your components) and another for the sub amp and rear channel.

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