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teufeldog0231 03-02-2017 01:54 AM

Dealer lied, now I have 2 disappointed kids, need some experts
Saturday Feb 25 I bought a used 2012 Volkswagen Routan. It was 90 mins away so we rode a train out to keep from driving 2 cars back.

Anyway, the ad said "Entertainment/ DVD", and there was a picture of the head unit (not touch screen), but it was a 6 dic changer and had a DVD Video/audio logo. In all 40 pictures I saw no monitors so I called and asked that they go and physically verify it had the 2 rear monitors. 5 mins on hold and I got a yes! Yay, right? Wrong.

Upon arrival, I find 4 empty overhead storage bins. The dealer offered some cheap aftermarket junk that would require removing the overhead console. Then he offered a $600 check.

Back home now I find nothing can mimic the stock system for $600. So after a few heated exchanges I got him to $750.

Now for the question.I'm thinking about foregoing the factory-style attempt. Here is my idea (be gentle):


Put that between driver/passenger seats (daughter's eyesight isnt great so I figured that would be better than a small personal headrest-strapped one).

With the leftover money..


Granted it's $600, and it would need $130 in peripherals for steering wheel control, etc. So with the dvd player it's about $1020 plus installing. I know I can shop around and shave that down to $800 maybe.

Do you think this set-up will serve our family well? Is there a better choice for a Double DIN head unit with GPS Nav, bluetooth/UConect (for volkswagen), and the steering wheel controls must work. Been out of the audiophile game for 15 or so years. Any sincere help is greatly appreciated.

neillio 03-03-2017 10:40 AM



That's $664.



If you have an Iphone 5 or newer.

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