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09-15-1998, 05:18 AM
Hey guys, i'm looking to buy a pair of 6.5 components, but i'm not sure which is better. It's between the Pioneer TS-C1652 and the Cerwin Vega 2650's. I know that the Vega's handle more power, and that the Pioneer's have a larger frequency range, but i'm still not sure. What is the better brand? Anyone have experience with either and where is the best place to install 6.5's? Thanks a lot!

09-15-1998, 06:37 PM
I work at a place that sells both and i can get them for an excellent price; they are the two best ones that we sell.

09-15-1998, 07:14 PM
Sounds like a verygood reason. Don't know a whole lot about the Cerwin Vegas but I have like Pioneer in the past. The only difference's I see is the tweeter size (Cerwin .75, Pioneer 1")and the power rating of 185 over 160 max. Can't find the Freq's on the Pioneers.

What type of tweeters do the Pioneers have and what is the Freq response?

On the quest to eliminate noise!!

09-16-1998, 01:51 AM
The Pioneer's use styrene tweeters and the frequency range is 35Hz-30kHz, with a sensitivity of 90 and a continuous rms of 50w

The Vega's use silk tweeters and the freqency range is 60Hz-20kHz, with a sensitivity of 88 and a continuous rms of 80w; a little more expensive too

09-16-1998, 03:20 AM
Sounds like the Cerwins the best judge of that is going to be your ears. Since you work wehre you sell them you should be able to listen to both in your car.

We could rave about all the speakers in the world and say that only one is bad. You can listen to those in your car and think they sound great.

Since you hve it narrowed down to the 2 try to listen to them. Make a few adjustments with the head unit you are using on each and see how the speakers react.

09-16-1998, 04:39 AM
So where is the best place to install them? I don't have kick panels, but that's where i want to put them. I have a '93 Thunderbird LX and i can't find any place that makes kick panels for my car, including Q-Forms. Should i just install them in the back, or should i make my own (if so, how would i go about doing that)?

09-16-1998, 05:40 AM
Is there any particular reason that you are picking these two brands and not any others?

09-16-1998, 10:33 AM
Hi, I had the same problem. If I am correct there are no kick panels for the T-birds. Try your local installation shops, they will be able to build you custom kick panels (however they will be expensive).

09-17-1998, 05:50 AM
No you don't want to put them in the back if you don't have to. Last resort. Like Quino said check your local shops to see how much it would cost to have some built. In my car (95 Camaro) I have been quoted anywhere from $400.00 to $1000.00. That's for both sides.

I haven't experimented with making them myself yet. I do however paln to eventually.

09-17-1998, 07:05 PM
What about buying a 5.25" component set that is built into a custom plate. I'm talking about the Pioneer TS-P682, which i could just install into my door panels. Is something like this any good?

09-18-1998, 05:36 AM
I'm not familiar with that model. I'll have to give it a look