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04-30-2000, 07:28 PM
The standard technique is to run new wires from the new radio's outputs to the factory amp location, tie them to the wires coming out of the amp that go to the factory speakers (removing the factory amp of course). There is the usual debate as to the quality of the wire that the factory used and if you should replace that; my position is that the quality of the factory wire isn't so bad that you would want to breach the factory harness and chance damaging some other wires as well as breaking seals that don't have to be broken. On very high end systems this position changes ...

05-01-2000, 05:32 AM
I have a Volvo 7400 with the factory system in it at the moment. It has a factory amp that is connected to the head unit with a DIN cable. There are no other outputs on the head unit. I have an amp and sub that I want to install and need some advice on how to do it.

I also have a Kenwood head unit that I will obviously need to put in in order to make this work. The question is how to wire the four speakers. The obvious answer is to bypass the factory amp and run new wire to the speakers, but that's more work than I'd like to do at the moment.

Is there any way that I can connect the speaker wires from the Kenwood head unit to the factory amp so I don't have to rewire the speakers? They sound fine being run from the factory amp at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated.


05-03-2000, 08:38 PM
Location of your factory amp

(1) If its that really boxy Volvo, it's just to the left of the steering column, small ( about 6x8 inches ) black box with beforementioned DIN cable, one side has 12 wires, 4 of them are heavier than the rest, those are power and ground, the other 8 are speakers, go to the actual speakers and see what the colors are and run the wires from the amp plug to the radio and bammm, you're in biz

(2) Amp could be behind glove box OR at the passenger's footwell if its the "other" style Volvo

You can email me if you need more help, i have done many of these in my day


05-04-2000, 05:16 AM
The Install Doctor has FREE step by step instructions for installing a radio into a Volvo 740. The instructions are very detailed and are complete with color photos, where the factory amp is, how to bypass it the easiest way, and complete wiring information. This is a top notch installation instruction manual.

Go to our website: http://www.installdr.com
On our homepage, select the yellow "Install It Yourself" button.
Then select Volvo from the list.
Then select 740
The sheet is in Adobe Acrobat Reader format and depending upon your connection speed may take a minute or two to open.